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How does it work?

Onboarding of new employees

When new employee arrives to your company, Flowis will lead you through his employee process. You will set up his account with all of the important both personal and work information, allocate all the assets and accesses he needs (full databaze of assets stored in Flowis), automatically generate all contracts, acceptance protocols and legal documents which are then digitally stored and archived in Flowis.

Life cycle of employees

Every change in employee’s life cycle, such as change of job position, transfer to another department or salary raise, is properly requested and approved through pre-defined approval workflows. At the end of the process, new appendix for employee’s contract is generated.

Absences & overtimes evidence

Absences and overtimes have great impact on every month’s salaries. Flowis allows you to request all types of absences with customized workflow for each of them, as well as absences and attendance (students). Absences are visible in a nice calendar with quick overview of who is on vacation and who is at work. At the end of the month, duration counted in business days (specifically for every shift type) of every requested absence is exported to the accountant, which makes the preparation of salaries much easier.

Goal setting process and review

Set annual goals for your employees, whether personal or professional, and review their performance and successes. That will help you develop employees’ skills, identify top performing ones and gain many valuable insights which may be implemented in strategic goal setting.


Every end of contract or end of trial period is automatically monitored and manager of such employee is notified and requested to either prolong or terminate the contract of his subordinate. Every such decision is followed by generating relevant documents and all the offboarding activities, such as deactivating employee’s accesses and requesting all the assets he has in use.

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By using Flowis and its add-on modules, you will have all aspects of your HR agenda in one place and easy to follow.

At SoftPoint we offer bringing

→ reduction of complexity

→ all departments talking the same language

→ streamlined and effective process