Cross Charges


standardized template for intercompany cross charges

charges posted to both sides only after approval

reduction of intercompany out of balances

automated posting of charges into multiple ERPs

fully flexible workflows

full audit history

notifications, remiders and escalations

powerful reporting

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intercompany cross charges template


Intercompany cross charge template is configured during implementation phase, with automated links to different accounting software your company uses. All master data are synchronized with Flowis so end users can easily navigate in template and don’t have to remember accounts, cost-centers, projects, etc.  

Charging side

Charging side can raise intercompany cross charge request manually, or it can be automated from any data source.  

Receiving side

Receiving side can accept or reject the cross charge. Accounting side of cross charge can be adapted changing cost-centers or cost natures. 

Intercompany processing

All approved cross charges can be routed to central team to process the charges into the accounting software. With posting both sides only after approval intercompany mis-matches are negotiated before posting, rather during the month end close process. 

Processing can be automated with direct posting into accounting software without any user interaction. 

intercompany corss charges reconciliation

Intercompany reconciliation

Reports are available for every status of every workflow, thus central teams can identify all cross charges that still need to be posted before month-end close, or are not yet agreed between charging and receiving side.

Using Flowis brings visibility to your intercompany processing and drives accuracy of your intercompany balances thus reducing manual workload throughout month-end close. 

At SoftPoint we offer bringing

→ reduction of complexity and miscommunication

→ all departments talking the same language

→ streamlined and effective intercompany processing and reconciliation