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Manual journal entry template is configured during implementation phase, with automated links to different accounting software your company uses. All master data are synchronized with Flowis so journal entries are pre-validated prior to submissions.


Preparers can create general or sub-ledger manual journals, but journals can be created automatically from any data source. Flowis also allows creating recurring journal entries at specified intervals.


Based on your company approval matrix, journals are routed for approval. Fully flexible rules can be set up on thresholds, account natures, sensitivity of costs, etc. 

Automated posting

Flowis integrates with all your ERPs to automatically post all approved, journals. This reduces time delays and reconciliation differences.  

Central finance teams

You will have visibility over all journals and the status they are currently at. You can introduce special rules for late journals and thus have your month end close results fully under control.  

Internal/external audit

If audit teams have access to Flowis, there is no need to send them print-outs or copies of journal entries. Auto-created journals do not need to be audited, therefore it saves your audit fees and speeds-up the review. 


Journal entries will be archived in single repository, even if entities are decommissioned or people leave their positions.  

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Using Flowis brings visibility to your intercompany processing and drives accuracy of your intercompany balances thus reducing manual workload throughout month-end close. 

At SoftPoint we offer bringing

→ reduction of complexity and miscommunication

→ all departments talking the same language

→ streamlined and effective intercompany processing and reconciliation