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Where to use?

qCapture is software built by SoftPoint which uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for supplier invoice processing. It offers many configuration possibilities and extracts structured data out of the invoices without the need of manual processing or intervention. It can be applied in case of:
  • many new invoices
  • invoices coming from your suppliers are constantly changing format
    (number of lines, number of pages, etc.)

How it works?

While traditional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution is mostly rule based or layout based, qCapture is different. It involves both reading the invoice text and understanding its context with machine learning (ML). 

While OCR captures text, qCapture finds key-value pairs and tables on invoice, which are required to auto process invoices. Invoices include key value pairs, such as Company name, Bank account number, Purchase order, Total value, etc. 

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Models training


For every implementation we pre-train qCapture on hundreds of thousands of invoices. These models are then periodically updated for invoices that they have not encountered before.  


Reduces back-office costs by reducing manual effort

Allows employees to focus on higher value-added activities

Reduces invoice processing errors

Allows faster
turn-around time

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