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Where to use?

qFlow is SoftPoint core application for workflow management. It automates many processes in the company, from supplier invoices, customer orders, account reconciliations, HR onboarding process and many others.

How it works?

qFlow is built with idea of customization for every customer without the need of the code change. This can be achieved by the robust configuration possibilities qFlow offers.

It comes with wide range of supporting add-on modules which enhance its functionality. Due to its architecture, qFlow can be scaled for handful of small processes or hundreds of thousands of complex transactions.


By using qFlow you will get instant overview of all pending tasks and transactions with the help of real-time reporting. All departments in your company will start to talk the same language and many steps in the process will get automated. Formerly complex tasks will become simple and streamlined.

Extensive configuration possibilites without need for code change

Supporting multiple finance systems

Automation of processes

Robust IT architectire

Fast implementation

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