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Yanfeng’s success story

Streamlining Accounts Payable Process with SoftPoint's Flowis Supplier Portal 


The introduction of SoftPoint’s Flowis supplier portal has brought about a significant positive change for Yanfeng and its suppliers. The portal, which was launched on May 1st, has revolutionized the way suppliers interact with Yanfeng’s accounts payable process. This success story highlights the benefits of the new portal, including improved communication, streamlined accounts payable process, elimination of manual work, and increased transparency.

The implementation of Flowis supplier portal has resulted in a substantial and favourable transformation in the interaction between Yanfeng and its suppliers.

With the portal’s launch, suppliers can now access a range of features that have made the accounts payable process more efficient and streamlined.

For instance,

suppliers can view and download purchase orders, view goods receipts, and submit new invoicess all in one place.

*A view of invoices in Flowis

Flowis supplier portal has not only delivered the benefits mentioned earlier, but has also reduced the amount of duplicated work, eliminated the requirement for manual processes and decreased the possibility of errors.
It has resulted in a more streamlined and efficient process for Yanfeng and its suppliers. 

The benefits of Flowis supplier portal are not limited to the accounts payable process alone.

The portal also has enhanced communication by providing suppliers with a unified platform to interact with Yanfeng.

Suppliers can now access valuable information and updates related to their accounts, ensuring they are always up to date with the latest developments.

Enhanced Supplier Visibility and Efficiency

Before the implementation of Flowis supplier portal, suppliers lacked visibility into their invoices and payments, and there was no designated point of contact. As a result, some suppliers had to reach out to buyers or the support helpdesk for assistance.

However, with the portal now in place, suppliers can check the status of their invoices, monitor the payment status, and download remittance advice. It has eliminated the need for suppliers to follow up with Yanfeng’s accounts payable team, reduced the workload, and saved time and effort for both parties.

*Flowis dashboard

The training materials provided by SoftPoint have also been extremely helpful in ensuring a smooth transition to the new portal.

With training videos and materials available in different languages, suppliers can quickly and easily learn how to use the portal.

To access the training materials click here


The Flowis supplier portal demonstrates how our technology can transform business operations and improve relationships between suppliers and buyers. 

We are proud to be part of Yanfeng’s transition and look forward to helping other companies to realize all benefits of the portal in the future.